ACT Distance Learning
An accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program for highly qualified
individuals seeking a successful career as a teacher in the State of Texas.

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

BBB ACCredited Business

BBB ACCredited Business


"After researching the competitor, it was clear that ACT was a reputable company. Hearing the different opinions of the school district HR people, it was clear to me that ACT was a very respected program."

– David

"The emphasis placed on the classroom management training really paid off. Figuring out the content is a evolving thing, but showing up with a solid classroom management plan made life easier."

– Sarah

"The feedback received from my Field Supervisor was pivotal in providing an outside perspective as well as providing me a neutral person to vent to."

– Tony

"I have already recommended this company to other individuals. This program is clearly out to help new teachers and is not focused on simply taking your money."

– Tammy

"I chose ACT because of their training timeframe, their ability to help with finding a job, and their cost effectiveness."

– Raul

"The Field Supervisor is great. They are always available to help and give feedback."

– Bob

"ACT made it easy for me to get my certification while staying with my former employer as long as possible."

– Jim

Financial Aid Info

Get loan information at Texas Education Agency and Federal Student Aid

Did you know that you can qualify for student loan forgiveness?

If you have Federal Stafford Loans, you could qualify for up to $17,500 in loan FORGIVENESS (which means you will not have to pay it back!) Read more details at

Need a Loan?

Once you secure employment, ACT Distance Learning has a partnership with RANDOLPH BROOKS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION to assist qualified individuals with a secure loan to "tide you over" until you get your first paycheck. You will need to meet their qualifications, and you must have an employment contract with a local school district. You can contact them at


Are You or Have You Been in the Military?
Check out Troops to Teachers!

The military will pay $5000 for you to get certified! Look them up at

Are you a first time home buyer?

You may qualify for special programs especially for teachers!